Thursday, September 13, 2012

Gone with the Wind

“Anyway the wind blows
Is-a fine with me
Anyway the wind blows
It don't matter to me”

-Frank Zappa

Life flows like the wind. Sometimes, the wind is blowing behind you, hitting your back, and you are literally being pushed forward. Everything you do is effortlessly done in harmony, almost as if you are in tune with the Universe and all its forces are on your side. You socialize with finesse and your movements are like a prowling leopard. You feel bold and radiant. You think clearly and have rhythm. You’re on point, on your game.

Sometimes, the wind switches direction. The wind blows TOWARD you and everything changes. Mundane tasks become difficult and you are sluggish. You choke on your words and trip over your feet. You lack confidence and grace. You don’t feel that you are maximizing your potential and it’s frustrating. Kind of like walking home in a strong wind, you feel the resistance. It’s as if life is rejecting your very movements.       

Sometimes, a big gust comes, unexpectedly, and blows you off track.

The cycles in life, much like the real weather forecast, is a mystery of life. One could theorize that it is because you did something wrong. Maybe it was something you ate or drank (or didn’t drink – like WATER!) or something you smoked… Perhaps some guilty feelings are distracting you. Maybe you’re tired. Maybe you just have a lot going on in life!

You must understand that it is in no way because you lack the capabilities to live a productive and prosperous life. There are many many factors that play pivotal roles in how we live our lives. Things like the weather, proper nutrition, stress, moods of loved ones, and the attitudes and vibrations of those around us can be extremely influential. They do not dictate our lives but they can certainly have an impact.

Just do your best. Always do your best – then you have nothing to regret. When you try your best, under grueling circumstances, you build immunity to those conditions. (For more on this concept please read POSITIVE CALLOUS)

It’s growth. It’s all about growth.

So keep on truckin’   

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