Friday, August 12, 2011

Staying Focused:

"Don't focus too much on the trees to the point where you forget the forest"

Details serve as a means of enhancing a 'bigger picture'. But some details are so vivid that we can get distracted from what's REALLY going on. Always look for the ESSENCE of the topic at hand. This will keep you alert and focused...

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Creativity is taking the tools that we have and using them to build something. We can create words, food, children, peace and tranquility, friendships, moments, movies, airplanes... The list goes on and on. It all starts with realizing the uniqueness of our thoughts, ideas, and inspiration. We can act on them and pursue them into realities. Focus on your strengths and grow with them. They're yours! The idea is to not lose focus or get distracted from your main goal.

Remember the inspiration! :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Inspiration comes and goes...

We can be inspired to do anything: clean our room, start a project, connect with an old friend, get spiritual, exercise, take action, etc. etc. Whatever it is it all starts with that one spark. We get excited and our intellect is infused with emotion, creating this burst of momentum. If acted upon it can be glorious! But sometimes it fizzles out and skepticism starts to creep in. All sorts of fears come to the mind and the energy we should be using to follow through turns sour. Where did it go?? We were so driven two minutes ago! argh! lol
The key is immediate action. Time is valuable. Don't miss out on an opportunity especially when the inspiration literally falls into your lap... If you are inspired don't lose it! Hold onto that spark and never forget the main goal. Remember the feeling and how excited you were at the time.

...Don't lose it!  :)