Monday, July 30, 2012

Resentment and Forgiveness:

For years, I struggled with resentment and would not let go of those who had hurt me in the past. I would literally work myself up by sautéing my mind in negative memories. Sometimes, I wasn’t even aware of what I was doing to myself.

Don McLaughlin, an influential mentor of mine, was the first to shed light on the issue. When I asked him about resentment he, ever so frankly, explained the following:

“When you constantly think about those who have hurt you and replay the events, it zaps your energy and occupies your mind. Not only are you giving them so much undeserved attention, you are preventing the event from becoming a memory and cannot learn or grow from it. This can only lead to you not being hurt ONCE by the perpetrator, but you are allowing them to hurt you over and over and over again.”

These words stuck with me as I had experienced it in practice. I then embarked on the constant journey of forgiving and trying to move on. Ultimately, it paved the way for greater things as I had, simply, made room in my mind for more positive things. It is something I practice everyday no matter how big or small.

My message to you is FORGIVE. Don’t try and forget because you never will fully. Learn from everything and everybody – even if it’s what NOT to do. Clean your mind. Make way with the old and welcome the new. Forgive those who have harmed you and, most importantly, forgive YOURSELF!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Don't Give Up!: A True Story

I recently had an idea for a large scale, random act of kindness project. I bought a handful of flashcards and wrote inspirational messages on them to be distributed to strangers. I am an avid runner and at first I would run with the flashcards and fling them into the air letting my messages flow with the wind to their destined targets. I later decided to personally give the flashcards out, in public, to people who looked like they needed them.

My project produced amazing results! I got a lot of positive responses, mainly in the form of a smile or a “thank you”, and people seemed genuinely touched by my efforts. Some did not and refused to accept the flashcards. One lady, who I gave a flashcard that read “:) SMILE! :)” responded “Smile? WHY??” in a very cynical way. I continued walking as I realized she clearly needed that specific message.

One day, as I walk through the park, I see a Jamaican man sitting on a bench. He is on the phone and looks up in despair as I walk by. I had located my next target. I casually stroll around the park again until I came back to the man on the bench. He is off the phone now and has a distant look in his eyes. Clearly lost in his thoughts, I approach the man and hand him a flashcard that read “Don’t give up!” He took the card and froze. “Thank you” he stammered. I smile and continued walking. I knew that one had found its mark.

As I walk along, I think about what I had done. It fills me up with happiness because I know that my little kindness really impacted the Jamaican man and many others in a positive way. God only knows how far that can travel.

About a week later I was jogging through the neighborhood (I am in New York now). I wasn’t in a particularly great mood and jogging usually lifts my Spirits… Not this time! Even as I jogged, my fears and personal issues occupied my mind. I was irritable and anxious and very impatient for what the next positive thing life had to offer. I kept going as my pump-up song started to play on my ipod. My jog turns into fast run as I sprint down one of the busiest streets. In the distance, I see an old man distributing flyers. I am fast approaching and I know he will offer me one as I fly by. “Hell no, I don’t want one,” I thought.

Sure enough, as I run closer to the old man he stretches out his arm and offers me a leaflet. Time had slowed at this point. At first I ignore the flyer and my body language strongly says so. Then, in a split second, I change my mind and furiously grab the flyer as I bolt past him. I continue running as I looked down to quickly glance at the flyer, having every intention of crumpling it up and throwing it in the face of the next passerby.

I looked down and my knees buckle. In bold letters the flyer read:


My attitude quickly changes. I smile and eventually start to laugh. I guess my random act of kindness really did travel far.


Sunday, July 15, 2012


For every moment you spend worrying about the FUTURE, your PRESENT is turning into your PAST.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

An Open Mind

Age is a number that represents the amount of time someone has spent in this world. It in no way represents how much knowledge or experience one has gained during that period. Keep an open mind and learn from everyone and everything. Even if what you learn is what NOT to do, that's half the battle..

Never hesitate to learn from a child. Sometimes their honesty and simplicity is what we really need.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Keeping Afloat with Goals

We must make goals and pursue them regardless of what comes and goes. This will keep us focused and driven, no matter how we are feeling.We cannot be at the mercy of our moods.
Emotions are the most beautiful thing in existence. Unfortunately, that can also be the ugliest. We all experience bouts of confusion and insecurity sometimes - that is life and life is progress. But don't lose your identity. Hold onto your positive accomplishments with all your might. Never lose sight of your direction - as abstract as it may be - and remember that every effort and every little step is creating new opportunities for the future and paving your road to excellence.

Love has the potential to break all barriers. But it is yourself whom you must love first. 

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Photo Credit: Sparks of David Photography 

This is my friend SPPENCER. He is flowing as he plays his guitar. As you can see, Sppencer has worked himself up into a blissful state through CREATIVITY. We can all achieve this state of bliss through our OWN CREATIVITY. Each and every individual's CREATIVITY stems from their personal experiences, preferences, and state of mind. If you recognize and are aware that what you are CREATING (whatever that may be) is a manifestation of your effort and personality, it should fill you up with a sense of  great accomplishment and joy. 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Water is what gives our bodies the vitality to stay in motion. Approximately 70% of the body weight is water and one of its jobs is to transport nutrients throughout the body as well as aid digestion and the removal of toxins in the body. It is VERY important to get enough water in our bodies so we don’t get dehydrated. Many times, when our bodies are not running at full capacity, we are dehydrated. A Doctor once told me that the majority of times that people are HUNGRY they are actually THIRSTY! Irritability, digestion problems, headaches, and overall lack of motivation can all have their roots in dehydration. AMAZING!
There are numerous reasons for dehydration. Changes in weather, caffeine, alcohol, and drug use, a long shower, strenuous activity and exercise, or quite simply, not enough water intakes, are all contributing factors that can dehydrate the body. It’s important to keep aware of your activities and notice when you may need to drink a cup (or two or three!) of H2O.