Friday, February 1, 2013

Sharing in the Joy of Others:

"Rastaman vibration, yeah! (Positive!)
That's what we got to give...
Positive vibration, yeah! (Positive!)
Got to have a good vibe!"

-Bob Marley, 'Positive Vibration' 

There is a woman that I work with, I'll call her Lisa, who is a supercharged human being. Like the Energizer Bunny, she is indefatigably bouncing around and is almost always bright as the sun. Lisa is an intense individual and is always on the move to do something. It's actually quite funny to see her in action.   

When I first met Lisa I was taken aback. I am too proud to admit that I was intimidated by her but I remember thinking “Whoa, this lady is intense!” You can either hop on board one of her projects or get out of the way because she will run you over like a freight train.

I was also more reserved when I originally met Lisa. It was my first day and I was in foreign territory and a bit nervous of my new responsibilities. But that soon changed after a brief (VERY FAST) dialogue with her. Facing her was like electric-shock therapy and her ambitious eyes burned like an angry sun. But after the small-talk I felt different. Jolted, I soon became more energetic, confident, and solution oriented.

How did this happen?

In my opinion, one of the most fascinating aspects of the human being is that we all have an electromagnetic frequency that we emit 24 hours a day.  This vibration (or "vibe" if you're really hip) can be positive or negative, strong or weak - even coherent or otherwise - but never neutral. Life is  dynamic and constantly in motion. Rarely is anything static, especially when it pertains to the body and mind. We literally radiate energy on a consistent basis. Depending on the receptivity or social prowess of those around us, our own frequency can be picked up on by others. In the case of my conversation with Lisa, her electromagnetic field and my receptivity, influenced me for the better. 

(This is not psychic or spiritual phenomenon - it's science. Where New-Age and pseudoscientific thought come in is the belief that that our vibrations and frequencies directly affect the things around us. That our thoughts and intentions will influence the tone of our writing, flavor of our cooking, or outcome of our exercise. That our attitudes will play a role in how we are received by others and countless other aspects of our lives. Or that OUR atmospheres are directly correlated to the the actual atmosphere or that we really are ONE atmosphere. Whether or not you believe in that is your prerogative :D )

Influence and receptivity are the two key words. There is so much out there that we can be influenced by. Music, lights, the media, the weather, the general "mood", and numerous other people, places, and things can all have tremendous clout and these factors can really affect how we feel, think, speak, and act. By opening our minds to the vibrations, frequencies, and atmospheres around us, we can experience an immeasurable amount of happiness, triumph, excitement, love, bliss, and peace. 

Sound too good to be true? 

Picture for a moment what would happen if, one early Summer afternoon, you walked down the street of a High School. You hear cheering, applause, and chatter from inside and you realize that they are in the midst of a graduation ceremony. Would that make you smile or reflect on your own achievement? If not, continue walking down the street. You see a cute couple holding hands and laughing in the distance. As they pass you, in their own bubble of love, they both catch your eye and adoringly smile back as you walk by. Would you feel happy for them and wish them the best?

Or even a casual scenario that you stumble upon such as the one below:

Photo Credit: Sparks of David Photography 

Would you stop and add to the music, fun, and good vibes?

The answer could be no. Perhaps you have feelings of jealousy or maybe High School wasn't as fun for you as others, or perhaps you just aren't thinking along those lines. But it is an opportunity to share in the joy of others. These are simply triggers, a potential springboard to fresh thought or fond memory that you can indulge in. Other events and triggers - if you let them in - can offer positivity, optimism, hope, or faith if you have the proper attitude. They can even change your day!

The opposite is also true. Have you ever been in public and watched a parent chastise and physically discipline a child? Seen somebody cry? Listened to a talk-show-host go on a rant about public policy? These can all inhibit strong venomous emotions and feelings and if not properly regulated, can cause unnecessary harm to ourselves. 

Part of what makes us all unique is our ability to accept or reject these charges into our lives. We must be aware and differentiate when to filter out these influences and when to embrace their power. It is through this balance that we become true masters of our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. 

Pick the right charge. Have a good vibe. :D

"Find someone who's turning
And you will come around"

-Neil Young, 'Don't Let it Bring You Down'


  1. David, you're a real pro at this. My late father and mentor would always quote, "When you smile, the whole world smiles with you." Surrounding yourself with happy people can only give you those Sparks that you name in your blogs; those who are not happy will become happy with you! Check out the children's book, "Have You Filled Your Bucket Today?" by McCloud, and see how to share that happiness. Keep up the great attitude, David! May the Force be with you.

  2. I love the vibe of this post! Seriously, thanks for posting this. It's a good reminder.

    - Dave

  3. Thank you :D
    Yes good vibes are contagious!

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