Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Moon and The Eyes

His Eyes were wide
Like a full Moon
They hid the gloom
And the rushing tide
They lit up bright
Like a full Moon at night
Illuminating the way
For a positive day
A gateway to the Soul
Yet the Doors are closed
A woman with a key
To complete him whole
Like the sun and the Moon
He thought they were a team
But then he woke up
It was all a Dream

(The above poem is meant to be read twice as it portrays a cycle.)

The cycles in our lives can be compared to the cycle of the Moon. Sometimes, the Moon is full and we are bright and glowing and everything in life is Harmony and gold.

Other days it’s half Light, half dark, as the Moon has reached its “first quarter”. Some days, the quality of life is just a tiny sliver of silvery Light in a dark sky or a “Crescent Moon”. 

When the Moon reaches the end of a cycle it is not visible at all. This is called a “Dark Moon” and we have all experienced this day in regard to our lives.
When The Light is not visible, at whatever point in the cycle, it has not completely disappeared. We all have the ability to generate “Light” by focusing on what we have and the positive we have accomplished. We can choose to look at the love that is present around us and choose to reach out and access it. We can CHOOSE to recognize the abundance we all have in our lives.

Close your Eyes and find the light within yourself. Build on it and let it fully encompass your mind and body. After all, the Moon is just a reflection of the Sun. The Sun’s Light is never extinguished; it is simply the Earth and Moon that rotates…  

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