Monday, August 20, 2012

"I'm Sorry"

Sometimes, we screw up. Sometimes, we hurt others. Sometimes, we're just wrong.

When we do, it sucks for both parties. Nobody likes to be wronged or harmed by another and little can compare to the terrible feeling when WE are to blame. 

When we were young, most of us were taught the importance of saying "I'm Sorry" if we harmed someone else. It's proper and sensitive and it is the right thing to do.

WHY? Does a simple phrase make the pain go away? Surely not.

"I'm Sorry" is more than just an apologetic cliche, it's a formal acknowledgment that you are taking responsibility for your actions. It means that you are not ignoring or blocking out the fact that you made a mistake. It's recognizing how powerful we really are (for better or worse) and not letting our egos deceive us into thinking that we are perfect. 

When we make a mistake it's important not to just brush it off. It takes a certain maturity and confidence to admit to others (and yourself!) that you were wrong. In the end, it only makes us stronger.

When we harm a loved one, the terrible feeling that we are the cause of another's pain is increased ten-fold. However, when you have the courage to acknowledge the fact that you were wrong and apologize - it brings you closer to your loved one. You have had a growing experience together. 

Learn from your mistakes and take responsibility not only for the good you have accomplished but also the bad. Love yourself unconditionally and don't be afraid to admit to yourself that you were wrong. And NEVER be afraid to say "I'M SORRY!!"

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