Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Past, Present, Future: Know where you stand!

A wise man once told me "Never forget where you came from or where you are going". What great advice to live by! Know where you stand in the grand scheme of things. I believe that our thoughts are composed of either (past) memory, (present) awareness, (future) fantasy, or imagination (dream) created by the mind. We can be aware of which category our thoughts fall into and act accordingly. For example, Past (memory) cannot be changed and only learned from. How sad it would be if one where to constantly live life walking down memory lane and completely oblivious to the world around them!
The future is something that we cannot even contemplate because it has not happened yet. How many times have we predicted what will happen and were completely wrong?
What we are all looking for is awareness. Awareness is living in the present and being foucused on the life around us. We are free to live life in the present and not get distracted with the surrounding factors that make up the thrilling life that we live in. With so much going on we need to stay alert and focus on our goals..

Know where you stand!!!

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