Monday, July 25, 2011


(This discusses personal fears not fear factors set up by law enforcement, schools, parents, and the media)

Fear is something that can break all momentum, inspiration, and excitement. There are many types of fears: Fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of the unknown, fear of oneself, phobias, etc. etc. etc. Where does fear come from? Of course we can be influenced by factors around us but the actual fear comes from within.
AMAZING! The biggest thing preventing us from doing what we want to do is OURSELVES! Many times we could have a spark of inspiration and want to spontaneously do something but a second later our minds are flooded with all sorts of 'fantasies' and predicted thoughts of the future. We think about the outcome of the event or what may follow (even before it happens...) but how could we possibly know the outcome before it happens? We can definitely think about how things may 'play out' but how many times have we contemplated the future but were 100% WRONG?
Fear is an illusion. Don't get blind sighted by the negative thoughts that can prevent you from being you!

This obviously needs a balance. There are healthy fears that prevent us from running into a lion's den or throwing ourselves in front of a moving train. Those fears are needed to survive and should not be overlooked...


  1. F-E-A-R has 2 meanings:

    Fear everything and run


    Face everything and rise.

    The choice is yours.