Sunday, December 16, 2012

How 12-21-2012 Could Change Our Lives:

12-21-2012. This date has been on peoples’ minds recently and has naturally been getting much media exposure. The day is the reported last day of the ancient Mayan calendar and in combination with other Mayan beliefs, has led many to believe that something tremendous will affect us all. This cryptic day of ones and twos has led an innumerable amount of people around the world to believe that a series of transformative events – whether apocalyptic or Utopian – will occur in the form of celestial transitions, theological revelations, or a change in universal consciousness. Whatever the case may be, many are hopeful that something drastic will happen and it will undoubtedly be an exciting day.

I refuse to debunk it as a myth because, quiet frankly, anyone who claims to know what will or will not happen on a future date is arrogant and disillusioned. Uncertainty is a universal phenomenon and like many things in life, our future needs to just play out and requires patience. But there is overwhelming evidence that would lead one to think that this is just another pipe-dream that fuels the fires of hype and fright throughout the world.

I’m sure we all remember the Y2K scare in 2000 but that is just a drop of water in the ocean of end-of-days predictions and date setters. (I was originally going to write some examples but it became too exhaustive.) In short, there are over 250 historically documented doomsday dates, false messiahs and second comings, raptures, and miscalculations.

This outrageous number is embarrassing and it highlights how so many have grossly taken advantage of the natural human desire for liberation and connection. But many really believed their convictions. When they allowed their entire lives to revolve around one date – only to see it pass without monumental changes – they committed suicide or lost their sense of life’s purpose and direction. Much like what happens when you violently shake a snow-globe that has been untouched; their confident and settled beliefs soon turned chaotic and wreaked havoc on their minds.
Why are we so addicted to this phenomenon? It literally blows my mind and I can’t wrap my head around it.
Surely this is a universal infatuation. From the search for extra-terrestrial life on other planets, paranormal activity, and doomsday prophesies to conspiracy theories, espionage, and beautiful blood-sucking vampires that thrive at twilight, nothing gives life a surge of excitement quite like mystery, mysticism, folk-lore and the unknown. Could this just be another part of the trill of it all?

Perhaps, subconsciously, many of us want a revolution in our lives. Some drastic event that would change our daily routines, break down the barriers of human interaction and connection, and pave the way for something new. Something that would shake our realities and send humankind on a thrilling new tract.
Either way, I think 12-21-2012 and new years can be a great opportunity for us all. Like any day, it can be a bigger turning point in our lives than we could ever imagine.
Maybe we just need an opportunity to forgive or apologize or reconnect with a friend or family-member. Perhaps we need an excuse to be honest, ask questions, break fear, and take a stand. Maybe we need a reason to try something new, break a bad habit, or start that new exercise regimen. It could be that we’re waiting for the right moment to tell that special someone how we REALLY feel about them.

In that case, make today, the 21st, or New Years THAT day. If you knew you were going to die soon what would you want to say or do? It’s the biggest motivation. Also, a New Years resolution is a perfect opportunity to start something new or finally get it done. So, take a healthy risk! It will change the course of your life and pave the way for new and exciting moments that have never been experienced before.

Sometimes, you just need an excuse.

And who knows, maybe our lives really will change on 12-21-2012… ;D


  1. It's unfortunate, but sometimes that's how people look at Yom Kippur.

  2. Nice Take on it David...It really is hard to say...and there are so many different interpretations by various authorities...even in the ancient scriptures they can't seem to agree...

    In the Hindu tradition many of their scriptures say we are still in the Kali Yuga(cycle), which in the 4 cycles is the 4th cycle, with it being the age of ignorance...other swamis say Kali Yuga is over and we are entering Satya Yuga (the golden age)...while the preeminent Swami Sri Yukteswar says by his calculations we are in Dvapara Yuga (3rd cycle)....and the Lemurian Scrolls point to the golden age beginning in our life time....

    So your right it's impossible to thing for sure is we do live in a Universe of laws, and being so far down in the scale of creation we as humans are under many planetary laws...that depending on there positions will have either a favorable or not so favorable influence here on earth...the only way to be more free from these invisible influences is for you to become more conscious.....yes it would be much easier if the golden age is upon us...but there's no way to know for sure....

    As you point, who cares, we always want an easy effortless way out...don't worry about that or anyone else...only you can save yourself...only you can work on your self, no one else can make you work....

    If you start a spritual practice you will get additional insight into whether these changes are actually taking place...

    From my own experience, in the last few years my brain activity has changed, it's constantly tingling and my third eye lately is much more this from the planetary changes taking place? or is this from my sadhanna practice, my self development work, that activate the pituitary and pineal glands to perceive the very subtle dimensions of reality?...or is it a combination of the two?...hard to say...

    All that matters is my own experience, that I don't wait to live and change my life where I see fit....

    Take your life into your own hands and if divine intervention comes, so be it, even better....

    Ivan (

  3. Nicely put, Ivan and it is great to hear from you!

    I was just telling a friend that it really is about the individual. We are responsible for ourselves - self centered even. It has a negative connotation but it's true. I found that dwelling on this thought not only keeps things in perspective but also makes GIVING so much more special and meaningful.

    I like your style. Perhaps, when you are more conscious you are less influenced by these forces because you become one with them. Instead of them maneuvering you into harmony - after you become out of balance - you are generating it naturally and finding your niche in the majestic system.

    Even if you're not there, when you try you're helped from on high.

    Much love and respect,