Monday, November 19, 2012

Today is a New Day:

"But this is not my time to go
Grace has brought us another day
But if tomorrow were to bring my turn
What would I leave unsaid?
What would I leave undone?
What would I leave behind?"

 - String Cheese Incident 'SIRENS' 

Today is a new day with new opportunities:

To think
To speak
To act
To create
To exercise
To laugh
To be free
To be me
To believe in myself
To love myself
To care for myself
To trust myself
To introduce myself to myself
To have faith
To give thanks
To connect with friends and family
To connect with a community, a unit
To develop a lifestyle
To achieve or at least pursue my goals
To try new things
To express myself
To be happy and experience pleasure
To grow and feel good in the process
To love - to hope
To hope to love
To see what I am capable of 
To pursue knowledge, clarity, and understanding
To better myself
To face reality
To face my fears
To break barriers
To love - to give
To give to love
To contribute in conversation
To pray
To meditate
To break bad habits
To make good habits
To use my imagination
To reach out 
To get involved
To be a leader
To change the world
To realize who I am
To recognize who I am not
To identify with who I want to become
To find rhythm
To ask
To listen
To learn
To be aware 
To pursue my dreams, goals, and ambitions
To be responsible
To be positive
To give it one more shot
To make one more effort
To live life 


Have a great day :D


  1. Thanks for this!

  2. I liked this break in tradition here from your other posts.
    You can feel the breath with each pause.
    It's refreshing.

  3. Thank you, all. :D

    This is a timeless piece - for today and everyday.
    There can definitely be more on the list so feel free to add your own.
    And pass it on!